Third House Lord in various houses

Third House Lord in various houses:

Third House Lord in Ascendant: Natal will be physically slim and earn money on his/her own. Natal is brave, artistic; music related, loves or participates in drama, movies and dance etc. Can be a sports person or hobby related.

With auspicious connections, then eager to learn but with malefic connections will be a critic, always eager to know weakness of others.

Third House Lord in second house: Third Lord placed in 12th house from its own, poor in courage. If soft planet, then cannot take advantage from the situation, cannot be a ditch any one.

But if malefic planet, then will take risks to earn money, because third lord in the house of money.

If malefic connections, then can ditch for money, but if auspicious connections then cannot ditch any one for money.

Third Lord in third House: Third house lord in own house, strong position of third house (Bali). Natal will be courageous, good patience; such natal will enjoy good character, rich and rich. This situation is good for siblings, will enjoy with siblings. Natal will be either elder or youngest.

With malefic connections, highly courageous, and will do the job, at any cost. Good in sports. But with auspicious connections, courage will be not so good.

Rahu-Ketu in this house are good.

Third House Lord in fourth house: Strong third house lord in this house will provide good education, wealth, land and mental peace. Good for family and property.

But with malefic connections, natal will not enjoy all these. Tension in family.  Loss of property and land. Natal will not have own land.

Third House Lord in Fifth house: Strong third house lord will give good relationship with siblings. Natal may enjoy good and senior position in either govt. job or good organization.

If third lord is not strong or malefic connection or malefic then it’s not a good position for children. Natal may not have child or may not have sweet relationship with children.

Third House Lord in Sixth house: Natal will not have good feelings for siblings or may not maintain good relationship with them. May not have good relationship with maternal uncle, but will have good relations with the wife of maternal uncle.

Third house lord in sixth house – Vipereet Rajyog. If strong or malefic planet (Upchay bhav) – will not give any disease or will avert disease. But if nirbali third lord is in sixth house- will give diseases.

Third house Lord in Seventh house: According to classic books, natal will be a government officer.

Childhood days might not have enjoyed good health, but later part of life will have good health.

Third Lord is in desire trine (3-7-11). Natal will work for his/her desires or will fulfil desires. If third lord is malefic, then natal will apply all courage to achieve his/her desire. Soft planet connections, then natal will have good planning but no courage.

Third House Lord in Eighth house: Strong third Lord in eighth house is good for research and development in art field.

But if third house lord is not strong, then natal may suffer from chronic disease, involved in criminal activities etc.

Third House Lord in Ninth house: Strong third lord in fate, and giving strength and aspect to own house. Good for siblings. Natal will rise after marriage.

But if third lord is afflicted, natal will not have good relations with father or father may not have good life.

Natal may enjoy long distance journey.

Third House Lord in Tenth house: Courage, strength in tenth house. Good situation for work. If malefic planet or with malefic planet, then may enjoy good position.

But with soft planets it’s not a good position, because third house lord is in eighth house from its own position- natal may not get any job.

Third House Lord in Eleventh house: Highly courageous. Youngest in the family will enjoy the position of eldest. Natal will earn due to courage. Good profit in stock/share market trading. Malefic planet is considered as good, and with auspicious connections, can have golden goose.

Third House Lord in Twelfth house: Strong third lord- natal will earn due to spouse. But if not strong then will suffer losses due to father or siblings. Natal will either be cruel or very helpful.


  1. hello ?

    what does that mean 3rd in 11th in natal and solar retur this year as I want to work for a paper and am writing a book ! can it be money and succes ? thanks

    • Severine (France)
      Unless I see your birth chart, it will not be wise to give comments.

    • hello,
      I was born 19/12/1969 03h10 am in Mouila (Gabon)
      what does that mean 3rd in 11th in natal and solar retur this year as I want to work for a paper and am writing a book ! can it be money and succes ? thanks

      Many thanks


      • Name : Severine
        Date of Birth : 19-12-1969
        Time of Birth : 03:10 Hrs (LST)
        Place of Birth : Mouila (Gabon)
        Query : what does that mean 3rd in 11th in natal and solar retur this year as I want to work for a paper and am writing a book ! can it be money and succes ? thanks

        According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
        1. Libra ascendant (whole sign basis) and lord Venus is forming good finance yoga. Jupiter lord of third house is placed in ascendant and ascendant and Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn from its debilitated sign.
        2. Your query is not applicable on this chart. Eleventh house lord is in third house, normally such natal will be youngest among all siblings or will be treated as youngest or may be treated as they are sheltered etc. Your hobby house lord is in ascendant, so you can do work according to your choice or in journalism or related with media or news paper or with electronic media etc. I think you want to do some classic or traditional type of work for writing in paper but can be good, fifth house lord is Saturn which is exchanging aspect with Jupiter, so can technical or spiritual also or with intelligence.
        You can do this writing work, since you are passing through Mahadasha of Rahu (period of North Node), so your thoughts can be based on traditional or classical but presentation can be in different way.
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  2. Hi Anoop

    When Venus rules 3rd Saturn, Sun and Mercury. Venus in her 2nd house but in her fall Virgo. Shares her rulership with 3rd Mercury. I can’tquite decide rather Venus is strong or afflicted.

    She is in her own house, fall, but then she ruling Mercury for Mercury is in Libra. Also ruling the exalted Saturn, Sun in Libra Which is fall again. Venus also conjuncts Mars. Mars rules 4th house Jupiter in sidereal. I guess there are mixed messages of both good and bad.

    Po yi

    • Venus can be afflicted, but unless entire horoscope is veruified, you can not comment on single house or conjunction basis. This gives us guideline or promise of the chart.

  3. How do we define rather a house lord is strong or not? by lordship to the house, sign and aspect?

    • Connection of House with Malefic or auspicious planets will guide us strength of the house, or house lord aspect own house also gives strength to the house

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