Effects of Different Planets in Ascendant

  Different planets in Ascendant Sun : When Sun is strong (Bali) and Lord of trine or centre, and placed in Ascendant, then is a great source of energy to the natal. Such Sun in first house, provides great inner strength, strong will power, desire for power and good health. If Sun in first house is on peak of exaltation point in exalted sign, and aspect or connectivity with natural soft (benefic) planets, indicates good fortune and growth in the life. Weak Sun, indicates arrogance of natal, loves flattering, show-off, supercilious etc. Connectivity with natural malefic planets like Mars and Saturn indicates blood related issues. Moon : According to Phaldeepika, “Full, Vargottam Moon in ascendant, natal can become a strong ruler. Such natal is known for kindness, humanity, energetic for performing work, loves travelling, Lover, imaginative, and behaviour like a sympathetic person. In social life, believes in transparency. Moon signify-  Mood- Moon in ascendant indicates strong mental strength and prosperity. Such natal, follows principles, traveller, researcher, and good writer. Conjunction of Moon and Saturn indicates confusions, conjunction with Mars for females indicates issues related to Monthly cycles, but such natal will be daring by nature. Combination with Rahu indicates Hysteria, and with Jupiter gives prosperity, growth and great thoughts. Weak Moon indicates- instability, unreliable, fickle minded, movements without any objective, irritated and aimless. Mars: Exalted Mars or in own sign placed in ascendant, daring, capable of handling responsibilities, good feeling […]

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