Astrology : Ups and downs study in Profession with Kot-chakra

Originally posted on Anoop Astrology Sutra:
Ups and downs study in Profession with Kot-chakra Summary of Transit of Planets of Saturn at Entry and Exit of Kot Chakra Direct Saturn                      Retrograde Saturn         Impact on Professional life ———————————–(Or Retrograde ———————————–Malefic Planet) North-East                          East                                   Mental anguish, unsatisfactory, (Entry route)                      (Exit Route)                     performance, failure of new ———————————————————Project, humiliation and short ———————————————————Of finances South-East                          South                                 Troubled work place, Undesirable (Entry route)                      (Exit route)                       Transfer, fear of termination from ———————————————————Job, besides imbalance domestic ———————————————————and professional partner South-West                        West                                   Downfall of trade, low sales, (Entry route)                      (Exit route)                      Working with low-profile ———————————————————People and separation from ———————————————————Business partner North-West                        North                                Shift in mode of work, differences (Entry route)                      (Exit route)                     with boss, demotion and sudden ———————————————————Fall from the position

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