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Birth Place : Near KualaLupur, Malaysia, time of Birth 5:40 AM (Malaysian time), Date of birth 30-6-1987 Reading of your birth chart D-1 1. Taurus Asc. and Asc. Lord is placed in Asc. 2. Asc. and Asc. Lord is afflicted by Saturn, from 7th house. Saturn is Lord of 9th and 10th house, that means Yog Kark. 3. Saturn, is placed in 7th house (House of spouse) 4. 7th Lord Mars is placed in 3rd house and with Moon. (No aspect on 7th Lord) No Soft planet aspect on 7th Lord, Asc., Asc. Lord. etc. Generally it is considered that when Venus is placed in Asc. or in 7th house, then either early marriage or marriage chances are deferred. Now reading from D-9, chart (Navmansha chart) 1. Asc. Cancer, Mars is placed in Asc., afflicted by Saturn, from 7th house. 2. Asc. Lord is placed with Sun in 8th house. 3. 7th Lord of D-9, and 9th Lord of D-1 chart Saturn is in 7th house (house of spouse) Chances are either very early or deferred marriage. You are passing through a MahaDasha of Venus, which is capable of giving unconditional Marriage, an in your case, Venus is placed in asc. and giving its aspect to the house of Spouse. Anter dasah is of Jupiter (placed in your 12th house) If you will try now, good chances of Marriage. But do not delay.

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