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  • Analysis of Dashmansha Chart (Divisional Chart 10) for profession.
  • And other related charts as and when required.
  • Analysis related to Progeny Khsetrasfut and Beejsfut will be checked (female and male )
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    • Name : Manoj
      Date of Birth : 02-05-1987
      Time of Birth : 18:30 Hrs (IST) {as provided not tested}
      Place of Birth : Mandya (India)
      Query : Dear sir when i wil get marry

      According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
      1. I had raised query to test your horoscope, because of some reasons, it was better to test your horoscope, anyways its your wish not to respond.
      2. Libra ascendant, and lord Venus is in exalted sign with Jupiter and Rahu, exchanging aspect with Ketu. No other affliction, except placement in Trik house. Ascendant has aspects from Sun and Mercury from the house of spouse.
      3. Lord of marriage is moved in the chhidra house, having affliction from Saturn retrograde, lord of love relationship/education/children or past karmas (previous birth) etc.
      4. Saturn indicates delay in marriage, normally such situation gives marriage after middle of thirties or around that.
      5. I wont say there is any denial yog in marriage, only point is affliction of Saturn and placement of Mars in Mangalya, which gives Kuja dosh, disturbance in marriage (exchange of Mars and Saturn) related issues etc. that’s why there is delay. Now chance may DEVELOP during this Mahadasha of Saturn. It is on your wish and approach, to avail this period. One time may start coming February of 2020 to March 2021. If it is missed then it may take some time.
      Since, horoscope is not tested, hence, dasha wise chances of error is possible, which may give some differences.


  1. Hı. My name is Doğuş.
    I am man.
    DOB 20.11.1989
    time: 07:15 am

    When will a new person enter my life? When do I get married?My future marriage life?


    • Name : Doğus
      Date of Birth : 20-11-1989
      Time of Birth : 07:15 Hrs (LST)
      Place of Birth : Iskenderun (Turkey)
      Query : When will a new person enter my life? When do I get married?My future marriage life?

      According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
      1. Scorpio ascendant and lord Mars is in the house of expenses, foreign lands etc., indicating chances of health issues are possible during the period of Mars (as main period or sub period or sub-sub period). This Mars (lord of ascendant, means your own reasons or approach) is afflicting house of marriage, partners etc.
      2. Marriage house lord is currently sub period, but afflicted due to heavy affliction of Saturn and Jupiter retrograde from the malefic house, this may create obstacles also. Also indicating delayed marriage (may be after middle of thirties).
      3. Period wise, period is running, I believe that support from horoscope during this period is weak, whereas transit of Saturn and Jupiter are confirming support. So, two supports but one big negated support.
      4. From the above I can say that one chance of marriage is running, either before May 2020, otherwise may be delayed for few years.
      I have not studied Namansha chart (chart of marriage related isseus) since, its a free service.
      Study in details is not possible on free service.


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