Third House Lord in various houses

Third House Lord in various houses: Third House Lord in Ascendant: Natal will be physically slim and earn money on his/her own. Natal is brave, artistic; music related, loves or participates in drama, movies and dance etc. Can be a sports person or hobby related. With auspicious connections, then eager to learn but with malefic connections will be a critic, always eager to know weakness of others. Third House Lord in second house: Third Lord placed in 12th house from its own, poor in courage. If soft planet, then cannot take advantage from the situation, cannot be a ditch any one. But if malefic planet, then will take risks to earn money, because third lord in the house of money. If malefic connections, then can ditch for money, but if auspicious connections then cannot ditch any one for money. Third Lord in third House: Third house lord in own house, strong position of third house (Bali). Natal will be courageous, good patience; such natal will enjoy good character, rich and rich. This situation is good for siblings, will enjoy with siblings. Natal will be either elder or youngest. With malefic connections, highly courageous, and will do the job, at any cost. Good in sports. But with auspicious connections, courage will be not so good. Rahu-Ketu in this house are good. Third House Lord in fourth house: Strong third house lord in this house will provide good education, wealth, land and […]

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