Astrology Prediction : Query by Sharon from Moradabad (India)

Name : Sharon

Date of Birth : 20-1-1985

Time of Birth : 12:35 Hrs (IST)

Place of Birth : Moradabad (India)

Query : When will I become mother

Analysis of charts according to Vedic system

  1. Birth chart (D-1) – Kalsarp Dosh
    1. Aries Ascendant and no aspect on ascendant.
    2. Ascendant Lord Mars is in 11th house with Venus (Lord of 2nd and 7th house) and no aspect.
    3. House of children, 5th house is well aspect by Asc. Lord Mars and Lord of  Kutumb and spouse house Venus.
    4. 5th house lord is placed in 10th house with 9th and 12th house lord Jupiter. (Jupiter is combust and karak for children). 5th house lord and Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn.

Kaarak of Children is Combust (ast) and lord of children house is afflicted by Saturn. That’s why you are feeling like that for children or mother hood.

  1. Now we will analyse Navmansha chart (D-9)
    1. Asc. is Libra and its lord Venus is placed in 8th house with Mars.
    2. No aspect on Ascendant, but ascendant Lord venus is blessed with Jupiter.
    3. 5th house lord is placed in 10th house and in the axis of Rahu-Ketu.  But Jupiter is again blessing 5th lord (although natural karak of children-Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu-Ketu axis).

Chances of children are feeble.

  1. Now we will see special chart for Children – Saptansha chart (D-7)
    1. Asc. Virgo. No aspect from any planet.
    2. Ascendant Lord Mercury is in 8th house. No aspect from any planet.
    3. 5th House is well blessed by two auspicious planets – Venus and Jupiter. Although they are afflicted by 5th house lord Saturn.
    4. 5th house lord Saturn is in Rahu-ketu axis. Saturn is in ninth house (Lord of trine is in trine)

I am sure you will become mother. But you must do some remedies (Upay) for that-

  1. 1.       Be cheerful, because in all the charts it is reflected that Ascendant (means natal) is afflicted or not happy or not cheerful. Be cheerful.
  2. 2.       Follow Dr’s advice.
  3. 3.       Do some pooja for Jupiter because is weak, so you have to provide some strength to Jupiter.
  4. 4.       Do some pooja for Rahu. Because you are passing through Mahadasha of Rahu and Rahu can give anything unconditionally. Rahu is obstructing Lord of children, but we must know that Rahu is forming relationship with Lord of children. So during its Dasha, Rahu can bless you with motherhood.

You perform poojas, and seek blessings + importantly follow Dr’s advice.

I have not checked your Beejsfut.

Read Vishnusahsranam on daily basis.

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