Date of Birth : 16-10-1976

Time of Birth : 00:56 Hrs

Place of Birth : Meerut

Your Query : Regarding change of Job


1. Currently you are passing through Mahadasha of Mercury Anterdasah Venus and Pratyanter Dasha Venus till 22-9-2012

2. Cancer Asc. Venus is placed in 5th house and Mahadasha Lord is in 3rd house. Your Profile will be related to communication, air related service in communication. With Marketing and traveling.

3. If you are willing to go for a change, you can try immediately.

According to D-10 chart (Specially for profession,)

1. Mahadasha Lord Mercury is the Lord of 2nd house (House of finance) and of 11th house (House of gains)

2. Venus is Lord of 10th house and 3rd house. (10th house is for Profession)

3. My observation is you can go for change.

Conclusion- Try for a change, possibility is there.

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