FA, from Karachi

FA Query: regarding married life Date of Birth: 27-5-1983                Time of Birth: 10:10 Hrs (PST) Place of Birth: Karachi (Pakistan) Birth Chart: Cancer Ascendant, watery sign. Saturn is afflicting Asc., but Jupiter is blessing. Asc. Lord Moon is placed with 6th and 9th Lord Jupiter in 5th house (Forming Gajkesari yog), but afflicted by Sun and Mars. 7th House has no aspect, and Seventh lord Saturn is in 4th house, exchange of aspect with Mercury. 7th Lord Saturn is placed in exalted sign but retro. I think regarding marriage will be good, Nature is not bad. Child house Lord Mars is Combust, and Jupiter karak for children is retro, but with Moon, and 5th Lord Mars is blessed by Jupiter. Nature is good, not bad for marriage

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