Astrology Prediction : Query by Jai Vardhan Nautiyal, Noida (India)

Jai Vardhan Nautiyal

Date of Birth : 14-8-1982

Time of Birth : 17:20 Hrs (IST)

Place of Birth : Noida

Question : When I will become father

  1. A.      According to your Birth chart (D-1)
  2. Sagittarius ascendant, No aspect from any planet. Ketu is placed in ascendant.
  3. Ascendant Lord Jupiter is in 11th house, conjunction with 5th Lord (5th Lord is for Children) Mars. Blessing 5th house.
  4. 5th house (House for children) is well blessed by Jupiter, with 5th Lord Mars.

Promise for children is there, but little bit delay.

  1. B.      According to Navmansha chart (D-9)
  2. Sagittarius ascendant (Vargottam). No aspect from any planet.
  3. Ascendant Lord Jupiter is placed in 2nd house with 5th Lord (Lord for the children house).
  4. Mars aspects 5th house (Mars is Lord of 5th house)

My observation is promise for child is there.

  1. C.      According to Saptansha chart (D-7) specially for Children
  2. Gemini ascendant, Blessing from Jupiter and malefic aspect from Mars.
  3. Ascendant Lord (Mercury) is in 6th house, afflicted Ascendant Lord, Ascendant Lord is in Paap Kartari (Afflicted).
  4. 5th house (house of Children) in Rahu-Ketu axis, and afflicted by Saturn
  5. 5th Lord (Lord of Children house) Venus is afflicted by Saturn.

According to Birth chart and Navmansha chart possibility of children is there. But Saptansha chart indicates, either delay or some complication may arise. I had not seen your wife’s chart, so cannot comment. For the safe side, it’s better to seek Dr’s advice.

Astrological remedies

1.     Seek blessing from Jupiter.

2.       Do Saturn shanti, and Rahu Pooja

3.       Moon in Saptansha chart is in Rahu-Ketu axis, so you can offer jal to shivji or read Shiv chalisa.

Important: I had not seen your wife’s chart (That’s very important)

Kshetrasfut is not been worked out.

According to Dasha

You are passing through Mahadasha of Jupiter, Karak of children, can give you child/children during its period. I think, take care and do remedies, You will be a father. But period of child-birth can be confirmed with your wife’s chart.

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