Asecndant Lord in various houses

Ascendant Lord in various houses:

1.       Ascendant Lord in First House- It’s a good yog for Name, fame and money point of view. Natal is knowledgeable and capable for good decisions, enjoys good longevity (Dirghayu), along with good health. Normally, achiever of success in his/her life.

But afflicted ascendant lord indicates poor health. According to Parashar, Natal will not be stable minded person. May have two spouses, and will be involved in unethical deeds.

2.       Ascendant Lord in second house- Indicates- yog for self-earned money. Natal is supposed to be learned, prosperous, religious, well-known person, who will be taking care or always eager to take care of close relatives and friends. Such natal has very special capability to analyse the situation, and help them to be successful in their profession.

3.       Ascendant Lord in third house- It’s a good combination for artistic capabilities, normally natal is known for his/her capabilities related to music, artistic nature, as mathematician, linked with media, publications. Asc. Lord in 3rd house provides courage to natal, a different aura will be seen on natal, is supposed to enjoy all type of virtues, intelligent etc. and supposed to be a happy person.

4.       Ascendant Lord in fourth house- Good position (yog) for finance, property and prosperity. Since ascendant is trine as well centre of birth chart, hence Lord of trine in centre is an important Rajyog. This combination is good for name, fame, finance and good education. This yog is good for the prosperity of mother too. Normally such natal enjoys good health. Natal is fortunate to enjoy parental happiness. Fourth house indicates intellect, and Ascendant is for personality, physique. This combination indicates, that natal will develop on his/her own self personality.

5.       Ascendant Lord in fifth house- Centre Lord in trine, fifth house, considered to be very auspicious combination. Natal enjoys love affection from ruler/employer or like that situations. Natal becomes famous, and enjoys additional artistic abilities. Natal is very caring for children, but not enjoying happiness from that front.

6.       Ascendant Lord in sixth house- Possibility of good position in army, medicine. In these field will enjoy great success. Normally such natal will enjoy good health and will love sports. But if ascendant lord is placed (conjunct) with malefic planets then effects may be different, such as may not enjoy good health. Such natal may face issues with enemy or competitor or opponent.

7.       Ascendant Lord in seventh house- Ascendant in seventh house, aspects own house ie. Ascendant. So, generally it’s a good position for health and prosperity, but sometimes can give two marriages. If seventh house sign is movable sign then this position will give lot of traveling.

8.       Ascendant Lord in eighth house- Eighth house of horoscope is an important house of Moksh  trine. If ascendant lord is (bali) strong and placed eighth house, then natal will be learned, famous and religious. Such natal may earn money from Lottery, or money due to demise of any one, such as insurance, will etc. Natal may earn due to sudden activities.

If ascendant lord is afflicted by malefic planets, aspects then natal may suffer from critical disease. According to Parashar, such natal will not reliable, thief, gambler, will be interested in ladies, may become tantrik.

9.       Ascendant lord in ninth house- Centre Lord in trine, very auspicious combination. Such natal enjoys, intellect, good fate, rich and religious nature. Normally enjoy ancestral property, liked by people, good orator, and enjoys good family (spouse and children) life. This position is good for his father too.

10.       Ascendant lord in tenth house- Trine lord in centre, auspicious combination. Such natal, enjoys working. Feels good to work. Such natal will be known for his work, or will create place for self, by own deeds. Professionally will be successful. This position of ascendant will make natal a successful researcher. Natal will be religious, kind hearted, god fearing, famous and rich person. Can achieve good heights in profession.

11.       Ascendant lord in eleventh house- Such natal are well supported by siblings, rich, enjoys higher society, owner of number of vehicles,

12.      Ascendant lord in twelfth house- Twelfth house is for expense, that’s why ascendant lord in this house is considered as non-auspicious. Normally, such natal may not enjoy good health, since is a place for Moksh, hence will be religious. Natal will travel pilgrims, and may settle down in foreign lands, and earn prosperity. Natal may be related to medical field or can be a Doctor


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