Astrology Prediction : Query by Rookiechess, from Unknown Place


You have raised this question at 18:14 Hrs (IST)

1. Sagittarius Asc., In the Nakshtra of Ket, Placed in 6th house.

2. Asc. lord Jupiter is with Venus, Lord of 6th house and 11th house (House of gains) (Avoid Loans)

3. 10th Lord is Merc. and placed in 8th house, but in the Nakshatra of Saturn, placed in 10th house, Saturn is Lord of 2nd (House of finance) and 3rd house (house of courage, communication, IT,  relationship etc.)

4. Moon Lord of 8th house, is placed in 2nd house in the Nakshtra of Mars, placed in 10th house (House of profession)

Profits are expected, but may take time. Avoid Loan, your courage is good, but can go through sudden losses, at the early stage. So, if you are prepared to bear loss at the early stage (possibility is there), then you can do part time business, but not as a main line busness.

You should not leave your job.

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