G S Chauhan

G.S. Chauhan

Date of birth : 10-8-1973

Time of birth : 04:45 Hrs (IST)

Place of birth : Delhi

  1. Cancer Asc., its Lord Moon is in 6th house and in the axis of Rahu-Ketu. That’s why you feel low (time to time). Your emotions are checked and afflicted by Rahu-Ketu axis, and Asc. Lord in 6th house, gives low feeling.
  2. Asc. is well blessed by Jupiter, that’s very positive, read vishnusahsrnaam.
  3. This is Savan Mas (Month of Shravan), you can go to Shiv temple and offer milk/water to Shiv-ling (Shivling per doodh or paani chadhana)
  4. You have to take your job or profession seriously, otherwise, you may suffer a lot.
  5. You can think of Security service, if you feel incompetent in the current scenario or due to any reason, if you are not willing to do job, find out another one and then leave this job.
  6. Talk to your senior, and explain entire issue in a genuine way, and gain his confidence.
  7. Chola to hanumanji on any Tueseday. (This is must for you) This Mahadasha will set your life trend, (Because, Mars is your Digbali). Seek proper blessings from Hanumanji.
  8. Mars is in 10th house and in its own sign.

 I hope this will solve your issues.

May god bless you.


  1. Namaskar Ji,
    I Had spoken to my seniors and HR and got reply that my services have been terminated. Need to search a new job now. Please guide as to how will i get a good job asap and want you guidance as to how I can retain that job for a long time in future . Regards

    • GS Chauhanji I had suggested you, substitute field for you, in the same post. Security service. I also warned you to be punctual in your job. Anoop

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