Different (Various) Planets in Ninth House

Different Planets in Ninth House


Well placed Sun in this house gives conscientious children/son, whose inclination is based on religious values. Natal will enjoy good and happiness from his/her children. But affliction due to conjunction with Moon or Venus may give issues related to eyes or government.


Natal may be Wealthy, kind hearted, full of love, loves reading, higher education, full of humanities, well known personality, charming, attractive, popular and enjoys many fans. Natal will enjoy success since birth. Native will have very good spouse, obedient son, wealth, good deeds and will enjoy travel to pilgrims or other religious places.

Natal will always be ready to do charity, religious, educated and may build temple or religious place. He/she will travel abroad.

Natal whose Moon is placed in watery or fire sign will be a publisher or writer.

Afflicted Moon will indicate – less fortunate, foolish by nature and characterless.


Natal will be kind hearted, famous, wealthy and enjoys power. If Mars is in exalted sign or own sign or placed with auspicious planets then natal will be high spirited, fortunate and bold while giving statements. Such natal will not follow stereo typed thoughts or thoughts without testing them according to the present circumstances. Mars placed in ninth house and in own sign forms a Rajyog. Natal enjoys support from ruler or government, and enjoys wealth and well known status.

Although Mars is a malefic planet and any malefic planet in trine is not considered good or favourable. Normally it harms fortune, not well for father and will distract from religion. Natal may face problem with fire or poison.

Natal will be strict by nature and may not enjoy good relationship with father and siblings.


Mercury placed in ninth house indicates – natal will be very intelligent, wealthy, philosopher, will have liking towards scientific activities, scientist, inventor, research scholar, musician, popular, gentle, believes in god, truthful, honest, obedient to father, strong orator, ready to do charities and earn gains from travelling. Mercury placed in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius sign indicates – rise after marriage. Natal will become Editor, publisher, writer and a teacher.

Mercury afflicted by aspect of malefic planets indicates – natal will be an amoral, opposes vedic literature but enterprising person. Fickle mind, and will be involved in many work at one time, and capable of completing successfully. Natal will always be worried and uneasy.


If Jupiter is placed with auspicious planets in that condition natal will have huge property and very wealthy person. Such natal will be religious, ready to do charities, and very wise person. Natal will enjoy good relationship with siblings and father.


Normally, such natal will be fortunate in his/her life. Natal will enjoy family life, happiness from children and wealthy and enjoys property. Such natal will love art, music and poetries etc.


Natal may have Lifeless life, separation from spouse (better to avoid marriage), great worrier, adventurous, brave, miser but rich person. Natal will not care for his/her parents.

Rahu (North Node)

Natal may have spouse who will always ready to pinpoint faults, egotistic, miser, indecent and characterless. Such natal will hate his/her father. Although natal will be wealthy and famous but may not enjoy happiness from family. Natal will be incestuous, and may have many physical relationships with opposite sex. Natal may be cruel to his/her parents.

Natal will have command on at least one foreign language.

  • Rahu placed in centre, trine and upchay houses will give good results. If Rahu is placed in Aries, Taurus, cancer, Virgo, Libra and Cancer sign and in Centre or Trine, in that condition Rahu is capable of giving highest position, honour and respect, wealth and worthiness.

Ketu (South Node)

Natal may be uncontrollable (frequently), egotistic, arrogant and always worried person. Natal may not enjoy good relationship with his/her parents. Natal will have good spouse and children and capable in storing money (good in savings).

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