Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – November 20th, 2012

Share Market and India – November 20th, 2012 India Eighth house lord Jupiter is in ascendant and aspect Mahadasha lord and Government house lord Sun, which is passing through the house of foreign related trade, and land related issues (Sun lord of the house of land, mines, coal, minerals etc.), will give some tough time till 16-12-2012. Sun is passing through the nakshtra of Saturn, Lord of Parliament and Judiciary. This clearly indicates coming situation for government and parliament will be very eventful due to Jupiter (eighth house lord and lord of documentation) is retrograde. Can force government to review its own decisions related to foreign related trade, petroleum related issues etc. during this parliament session. State related issues will start improving after 26th of November because Mercury will be direct and will stop transiting as a fallen planet, will start regaining its position. And then ascendant lord Venus will also give better results. Saturn is also afflicting Mars, placed in 8th house, this may force government to reconsider its decision related to Gas, petroleum and foreign related trade (possibly FDI) Share Market Market will not be strong. Venus will try to give some jump to this market but lord of Share market house and bank will not permit Venus to give its results. Result will be mixed or neither very high nor very low. Rupee value may further improve its position but very minor. Market may be better for […]

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