Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – November 29th, 2012

Share Market and India – November 29th, 2012 India Ascendant Lord Venus has come out of planetary war with Saturn, hence will give positive note to the nation and government. Moon has come out of shadow of Ketu, improvement towards sports can be seen. Positives or some relationship from neighboring nation can be seen. Mercury has started transiting direct, hence will give strength to Opposition parties, public and sport authorities. Judiciary can also give some important decision. Issues related to foreign trade will be cleared by any means, because Rahu is involved till 15-1-2013. Share Market Venus is at the peak of its Mooltrikone sign. Mercury is also positive; I believe market will further go with positive notes. Positive for Gold, and Silver also, because for Gold Sun as well Venus are not so bad, and regarding silver Moon has come out of 12 degree impact of Ketu (South Node) Sun has not come out of 12 degree distance with Rahu (NN) but will be positive and give positive results for Mines, Infrastructure, Land etc. Medicine and Hospital related shares may give good results. Aviation, Transport and travel etc will be better along with Media. Indian Rupee value may improve.

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