Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – November 16th, 2012

Share Market and India – November 16th, 2012 India Ascendant Lord is transiting from debilitated sign, and afflicted by eighth house lord Jupiter. This situation is indicating that not a good position for public, because this planet is placed in the house of public, political persons and Lord of this house Mercury is retrograde and combust, so not much movement. Mars is placed in eighth house and aspects the house of finance, states and eighth aspect on neighbouring nation. This position indicates that disturbance in the state or states due to neighbouring nation. Mercury lord of house for states and public is retrograde and combust, this position is not good for public and states. Share Market Natural Karak of finance and luxuries Venus is passing through debilitated sign. This position indicates that rupee value may further go down. Venus can misguide like a neech mentality person (so, be watchful) negative trends may prove positive or positive trends may turn to negative. Share market lord Mercury is retrograde and combust, this position indicates – negativity in share market. Nifty and Sensex may further fall. Foreign impacts will also be negative (possibly), because Rahu in seventh house is also total combust. Lord of Land, agriculture, mines, infrastructure, builders etc. is in Rahu Ketu axis, hence can give down trend. Media, IT, Entertainment, and communication are afflicted by Mars and their lord is placed in eighth house, indicates – down trend. Pharmaceuticals or […]

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