Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – November 5th, 2012

Share Market and India – November 5th, 2012

India is passing through Mahadasha of Sun, Anterdasha of Saturn (combust), Pratyanter dasha is Ketu (South Node)

Mercury is close to retrograde transit, hence movement speed has reduced, and that is clearly visible on share market and other activities. Rahu (NN) and Ketu (SN) are transiting direct.


  1. Mercury will be retrograde from 6-11-2012. Possibility of weather disturbance, sudden change in weather.
  2. Mahadasha or Sun and Anterdasha lord are placed in 6th house and Pratyanter dasha Lord Ketu is placed at 8th house distance from Saturn. Ketu is direct, indicates some issues related to scandals and highly positioned persons may come out once again or some highly placed persons may suffer with their dignity.
  3. Mercury will be retrograde on 6-11-2011, and on date Mercury is transiting with close to 0 degree movement. Judiciary may give some important verdict, but due to Ketu and Saturn are at 8-6 house distance. So, decision may be surprising or unexpected.


  1. Ketu and Rahu are direct, and since after direct of Rahu, Market was up, certainly has given unexpected event, and this trend may continue till 6-11-2012, after that this will also be in normal mode ie. Retro.
  2. Mercury lord of share market and finance house will be retro on 6th of November, and this may change the trend of Market. Venus is also in debilitated sign this position indicates sudden changes in market.
  3. Moon will change its sign, and may give positive touch to Media, entertainment, travel, and IT industry etc.
  4. Rupee, will not be in comfortable position.


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