Ninth House Lord in Various Houses

Ninth House Lord in Various Houses

Ninth House Lord in First House

Ninth house lord in ascendant (first house) – this position indicates, trine lord in centre. Great Rajyog. Strength of this Rajyog depends on the strength of ninth house lord. This combination will indicate that natal will be fortunate, religious, attractive personality, educated and well-known personality. This combination in female indicates – great house wife or house maker.

If ninth house lord is placed with ascendant lord then this position indicates – wealth and all type of facilities. Combination with auspicious planets will indicate highly positioned government job with power. Natal may enjoy paternal property along with own earned property. Natal may enjoy fame, and will have kind heart and powerful position.

But weak or navamansha of ninth house lord is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house, then natal may financially suffer and may have to live in poverty.

Ninth house lord with Rahu can give service under foreign ruler (foreign companies). Conjunction with Mars may give the job in Police or defence services.

Ninth House Lord in Second House

Strong ninth house lord indicates – knowledgeable, wealthy and dear to all. Natal will enjoy all facilities, happiness from spouse and children. Conjunction with second house lord gives highly successful family business. Natal will enjoy well established life and good life style and food.

But affliction or conjunction with malefic planets or with eighth house lord indicates – no property and possibility of legal disputes- litigations etc. This position (conjunction with eighth house lord) may give defame also.

Indicates – Normal Longevity.

Ninth House Lord in Third House

Ninth house Lord in third house, indicates – strength town house, fortunate for siblings (because fortune is in the house of siblings). Natal has tendency of writing on religion and spirituality. Natal likes music and likes to play music instruments etc. Natal also enjoys pilgrim and foreign visits. If Saturn is involved then natal will either work at foreign land or work under foreigners.

Placement of ninth house lord in 6th, 8th, or 12th house in Navmasha chart is not good.

Weak and malefic conjunction of ninth house lord can give poor writing skills or can give trouble to the natal. This position indicates – property loss of native’s father.

Ninth House Lord in Fourth House

Strong and auspicious connections of ninth house lord in this house indicates – it’s a combination of trine and centre (Trikon and Kendra) – Rajyog, that means natal will enjoy all sorts of happiness, landed property, vehicles and all sorts of luxuries. Long span of life and wealthy position for native’s mother.

Conjunction with forth house lord gives good education, happiness and higher position of ruler like President etc. Conjunction with Mercury can give head of the institution.

But weak and malefic affects can give adverse position to mother and happiness etc. Even father may face troubles (because lord is placed in eighth house from its own position).

Ninth House Lord in Fifth House

Ninth house lord in fifth house indicates – trine lord in trine and ninth house lord in the ninth house from its own position. Natal will be fortunate for children, son, religion, education, intelligence, prosperity, and kind heart along with obedient to elders. Conjunction with fifth house lord indicates – natal will enjoy all type of support from father inclusive of wealth and property. Natal will be intelligent and good position to enjoy fame in literature field.

But affliction indicates – problems for children and father. This position also indicates misfortune or unfortunate and interruption in education.

Ninth House Lord in Sixth House

Strong and auspicious connections indicates – natal will enjoy Judiciary positions. Conjunctions with auspicious planets indicates – higher position in service, good income and wealthy. Father will enjoy good health and services from servants (subordinates). Ninth house lord placed with Mars in sixth house indicates – inheritance of landed property. Conjunction with Mercury gives royalty from publications and Jupiter will give very good income from education field.

Affliction in this position indicates – legal disputes, litigations and extra ordinary loan (beyond capacity). Natal will not be enjoying wealthy status, no support from maternal uncles and problems due to enemies (competitors) etc.

Ninth House Lord in Seventh House

Strong and auspicious aspects or connections indicates – Happiness, religious and fame after marriage. Conjunction with seventh house lord indicates – birth in wealthy family, where natal may enjoy all sorts of luxuries. This position can give – deployment as diplomat, higher position in foreign lands and landed property in foreign lands (depends on the strength of ninth house and connections). Natal will enjoy popularity among opposite sex.

Ninth house lord with Mars in seventh house gives landed property in foreign lands (depending on strength of ninth house lord or Mars and affliction etc.) and conjunction with Venus indicates – gain of wealth and property from spouse. Natal will have nice/gentle and rich spouse and will be benefited after marriage or will get wealth after marriage.

Affliction can give health issues for father and disturbance in married life.

Ninth House Lord in Eighth House

Strong and auspicious connections may give inherited property or sudden gains. Natal can be a great research scholar and will achieve sense or internal meaning or depth of life.

Weak and afflicted situation will give more difficulties in life and is not good for father’s health.

Ninth house lord with eighth house lord in eighth house with auspicious connections – fate of natal will outshine (bhagyodaya) after father’s death, but affliction will force natal to bear debts of father.

Ninth house lord in eighth house also indicates position of step son or change of godfather.

Ninth House Lord in Ninth House

This position indicates – natal will be fortunate, charming, and good looking personality and enjoy happiness from siblings, wealthy family, wealth and landed property from father. Natal will always have support from siblings and father. Maternal grandparents may do upbringing of natal. Conjunction or connections with auspicious planets will indicate good natured spouse, foreign traveller, enjoying huge property and giving different heights to parental business. If Sun is placed with auspicious planets, then natal may become politician.

Ninth house lord in ninth house is conjunct with Rahu (North Node) indicates that father or natal will enjoy great name and fame in foreign lands. Affliction by Saturn and Mars will indicate that natal is involved in misdeeds.

Ninth House Lord in Tenth House

Strong and auspicious connections – Dharmadhipati in Karmadhipati – A Rajyog. particularly when ninth house lord in tenth house with tenth house lord gives wealthy higher position. This position can give a position like a Ruler, Minister or Defence chief etc. Natal will be known for intelligence.

Affliction in this position will indicate – loss of job, defame and not a good life style, and may be involved in illegal deals. This will indicate loss of wealth and punishment from government.

Ninth House Lord in Eleventh House

Ninth house lord in the house of gains – this position indicates – strong ninth house lord gives gains and will be obedient of elders. Conjunction with eleventh house lord indicates – wealthy position from family business.

Affliction by Rahu (North Node), Saturn or Maandi indicates – earnings, gains from illegal work like Prostitution, street-walker or similar type of profession. Natal will have enemies, even friends will become enemies and natal may lose his/her property.

Ninth House Lord in Twelfth House

This position will indicates that natal will be great Preacher, Philosopher. Ninth House indicates religion and Twelfth house indicates Enlightenment. Ninth house is for Preacher and twelfth house is for Hermitage.

Affliction will give excess of expenditure, misfortune, loss of father or natal will live away from father. Loss of money by theft etc. Conjunction with sixth house lord and eighth house lord indicates – loss of inherent property.


  1. Mr Anoop , if ninth lord in twelfth house , does it only mean about preacher or we also say that the destiny of the person lies in foreign lands ?

    • Rohit Jain,
      Only one planet is not the criteria to identify or give any conclusion. Other connections, and lordship of planets etc are very important.

  2. sir namaskar.sir my grandson is appearing for engineering exam entrance in 2015 april-may.will the planets strong in his chart?26 august 1997 mumbai born at 12.44 noon time.

    • Sharma/Sai ram Sharma,
      Date of Birth of grandson : 26-08-1997
      I had mentioned in my earlier comments that I do not encourage such queries, because this may affect performance of the candidate, so I will recommend to the candidate to work hard with focus, chances of success will be high.

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