Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – November 2nd, 2012

Share Market and India – November 2nd, 2012

India is passing through Mahadasha of Sun, Anterdasha of Saturn (combust), Pratyanter dasha is Mercury, Sukshma dasha Saturn

Mercury is close to retrograde transit, hence movement speed has reduced, and that is clearly visible on share market and other activities. Rahu (NN) is transiting direct.


  1. As Rahu and Ketu started transiting direct, government has started reverting their certain decision. But this is not for long run. Public has to face further issues related to inflation, corruption, because Ketu is transiting from Ascendant.
  2. Language may aggressive but effects of those words will not be so strong, because Mercury is moving with slow speed or is transiting on curve.
  3. As earlier said that issues related to religion, Faizabad had faced issues.
  4. Weather disturbances are expected from 4-11-2012.

Share Market

  1. I don’t think any aggressive trend (neither down trend nor upward).
  2. It’s time to be careful because Venus is in debilitated sign and Mercury is on the curve, and will be retrograde on 6-11-2012. Only then direction will be decided (Possibly down trend).
  3. Pharmaceuticals, Medical related stocks will be much better.
  4. In spite of comfortable results, market is not moving fast. This trend may remain same. Marginal gains or losses at least till 5-11-2012.

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  1. Good to see that even astrologers are interested in share markets and predicting the things. Though I don’t know how many people believe and go for astrologers suggestion before investing.

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