Astrology Prediction : Query by Varun, Latitude – 18 N 58, Longitude – 72 E 50

Name : Varun

Date of Birth : 16-3-1981

Time of Birth : 02:30 Hrs (IST)

Place of Birth : Latitude – 18 N 58               Longitude – 72 E 50

Query : Issues regarding finances

Your Asc. Lord Jupiter is in your 10th house, you always like to do some work.
Your 10th Lord has beautifully exchanged its position with 3rd Lord (Exchange of Merc. with Sat.) So, it shows links with Media, IT, your hobbies. As you have already told me IT, so its ok.
Regarding Venus Lord of 6th and 11th house, is for your passion, desire of your hobby, sports, being Indian- Cricket. But you are not so good athlete, reason is Combust Mars, Lord of 5th and 12th house, placed in 4th house.
Your happiness is not with you.
Mars-Digbal is 0, Jupiter Lord of 4th and Asc. is in 10th house with Saturn, Lord of 2nd and 3rd house. Sat is forming Dhanyog, but Mars with Sun in your 4th house (Both digbal 0) is creating disturbances at your home, happiness etc.
Your Moon is in its house and with Rahu-Ketu Axis, forming Balarisht dosh, but since you were born in shuklapaksha and in night (after sunset), god will always help you.
Your two planets (Jup and Sat are Retro, and placed in 10th house, at times you will be more energetic and at times feel low in working no consistency.
You must try to make money out of your sport-cricket. But can not leave job. This will give you better financial support and recognition.
Current period of dasha is last phase of mahadasha so, you may face some problems.
Regarding Ketu Mahadasha
Ketu is blessed by Jupiter. So, this dasha is supposed to give not bad results, yes this can give you religious tendency. Will not be bad for money too. Except later part of Ketu MD

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