Fourth House Lord in Various Houses

Fourth House Lord in Various Houses

Fourth House Lord in Ascendant:

Fourth house Lord in Ascendant indicates that natal will enjoy comforts such as related with mother, landed property, vehicle(s), wealth and happiness. Natal will be intelligent and well educated. But this happiness or benefits will depends on the strength of the Lord of fourth house.

If fourth house lord is very strong then natal is born in a rich family and if fourth house lord is not very strong but strong natal is born in a middle class family. Similarly we can find out with other positions of fourth house lord.

Fourth House Lord in Second House:

Fourth house lord is in eleventh house from its own position, gains and in the house of finance. Centre Lord in second house Dhanyog (good for finance). Natal will enjoy love and affection from his/her mother and other relatives.

Weak fourth house lord will not be in a position to give above said benefits and may give reverse of the above.

Fourth House Lord in Third House:

Fourth Lord strong and placed in third house, means happiness went to courage- indicates that Natal will earn wealth and luxurious life with own efforts and will have good character.

Afflicted fourth lord indicates – happiness gone to its twelfth house, means loss of happiness, instability in profession. Normally such natal is always a worried person. Difficult for the natal to secure wealth and enjoy established lifestyle.

Fourth House Lord in Fourth House:

It’s an auspicious position. Such natal leads good life and enjoys happiness. Such natal is normally smart, well-educated, and intelligent with good fate and will have a good character. Natal will lead successful, happy & dignified life. Natal will enjoy happiness from mother, land-property and vehicle(s).

But if fourth house lord in fourth is combust or in debli sign, then natal will have different results from this position.

Fourth House Lord in Fifth House:

Good connection of centre and trine, auspicious situation. It’s a Rajyog position. Such natal will enjoy higher education, sharp skills and intelligence. By the end of life, natal will have good landed property, good longevity and good family values etc. It’s a good position for children.

This Rajyog indicates wealth, power and good support from the ruler or employer.

Fourth House Lord in Sixth House:

It’s not an auspicious position for fourth house lord. Such natal faces litigations related to property disputes etc. Mother of natal will also not enjoy good status or relation with mother might be affected. There is possibility of vehicle accident(s) and disturbance in educations. Natal may suffer mental tensions (whole life).

Fourth House Lord in Seventh House:

Natal will have good and attractive personality. Early marriage, wealth, prosperity comes with spouse. Natal will be successful in business/profession.

Fourth House Lord in Eighth House:

It’s not an auspicious position for fourth house lord. Normally such natal may not enjoy relationship with mother and also not enjoying good relationship with other near and dear one.

Although, natal will enjoy normal life style, but can get some hidden property or wealth. Normally, native’s landed property will have some litigation and will not have mental peace.

Fourth House Lord in Ninth House:

It’s an auspicious connection with centre and trine and forms a Rajyog. Natal will enjoy great prosperity, wealth and happiness. Normally such native will be benefitted from his/her father.

Fourth House Lord in Tenth House:

It’s an auspicious position for fourth house lord. Fourth house lord aspects its own house and providing natural strength to the house which gives prosperity, wealth, happiness and fortune. Mother will have longevity. Natal will have good, senior position and good reputation. Such natal is capable of earning money from business also.

But afflicted fourth house lord can reverse above.

Fourth House Lord in Eleventh House:

Eleventh house is eighth house from fourth, if fourth house lord is strong, only then it’s a good position, otherwise it’s not an auspicious position, natal may not get success in business.

Natal will enjoy support from friends.

Fourth House Lord in Twelfth House:

It’s not an auspicious position for natal. Such native will suffer from business losses, health loss and does not enjoy happiness. No gains from mother-father. But native lives far away from his/her native land (lives in foreign land.


  1. Dob…4.2.83

    Which gemstone should i use. Will i gain much wealth and good career and when

  2. My fourth house lord Venus is exalted in 2nd house but it conjuncts with debilitated mercury which is lord of 5th and 8th house. How does that signify.

    • Shruti,
      Unless I see horoscope properly it is not wise to give comment. In general, it is forming good dhan yog, gains from inheritance, advantage to longevity. Mercury is in debilitated sign but with exalted Venus. Important is other connections of/with planet(s)/houses etc.

  3. mars is the lord of 4th and 11th house (capricorn rising) is in 11th house cnjucts moon aspected by 7th house ketu is it good??

  4. If the moon is lord of 4rt house, and he is in sco, moon have good aspects with mercury and mars and conjuction with jupiter and rahu.. is that ok, i mean not bad bad? Also moon is in 7th house..Thanks for share your knowledge! 🙂

    • Navena,
      You said, “Moon is lord of fourth house, that means Cancer sign, and seventh house is Libra. Where as you are saying Moon is in Scorpio sign, and Mercury and Mars are giving aspect to Moon conjunct with Jupiter and Mars. That means Moon is in eighth house, (Scorpio sign in eighth house, Aries ascendant).
      I feel there is some confusion in your question and Mars aspect – 3rd, 7th or 8th it is also not clear. That’s why queries are resolved with complete birth details.

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