Different Planets in Third House

Different planets in Third House


According to Chamatkar Chintamani, Sun in third house gives good health, wealth and intelligence to natal. Native is normally genuine, kind hearted like a king and famous. If Sun is in male sign then person will be cool tempered, philosopher, social worker and candidate for elections etc. Natal may become head of well recognized institutions.

Sun in Gemini, Libra or Sagittarius will indicate that natal is a writer, publisher, Lecturer or Advocate. Such natal will be very intelligent and crazy for children and family.

In female sign Sun gives siblings, wealth, mental peace and vehicles. It’s a good position for children. Good position for Sun


Strong Moon gives love for knowledge, success in knowledge related field-profession and changes in situations. Exalted Moon in third house indicates that Natal will take care of siblings, courageous, always enjoying situations and always love education, lovely dresses and lovely food. If Moon in third house is in the sign of auspicious planets then Natal will be carefree, rich, god-fearing spouse, patient and loves traveling.

Afflicted Moon indicates- illicit relationship with good-looking opposite sex persons. Such natal suffers from breathing problem or related disease. Natal will be cruel, miser and careless person. Moon in signs of malefic planets indicates irritated, no taste for good food, poor fate and accidents in traveling etc.


Such natal will be either youngest or eldest in siblings. Natal will be courageous and capable of handling adverse situations successfully. Strong and capable of making future on his/her own. Natal will have healthy but slim physique, intelligent, patient and entrepreneur.

Exalted Mars will give good fate and love for beauty etc. and patient, brave and adventurous.

Debli Mars indicates that even if natal is rich, will not be able to enjoy his/her life. Natal will lead life without friends, family and always a dis-satisfied person.

Afflicted Mars gives a tendency of suicide.


Strong Mercury indicates good education, sharp memory, gains from writing-publications etc. knowledge of science related subjects or literature. Good orator and writer, smart and always a happy person. Connectivity of Mercury with auspicious planets indicates natal is well imaginative and good natured. Natal is always looking forward for higher education, good for mathematics and science etc.

Malefic/weak Mercury indicates reverse of the above.


Jupiter in own, mooltrikon or exalted sign indicates natal will lead a rich and wealthy life style. But Jupiter in other signs indicates poor life of natal.

Jupiter in third house is good for teaching profession. Natal will have elder brother but no elder sister.

Strong Jupiter gives success in life, natal will be optimistic, kind hearted, philosopher and will enjoy company of good friends. Natal will be soft in nature and in writing skills.

Weak Jupiter will indicate reverse of the above.


Venus in third house – Delay in marriage or indicates not good for marriage or married life, tension in married life or more than one marriage.

Malefic Venus – indicates that natal will be cunning and tasteless.

Strong Venus indicates Natal is having good knowledge about beauty, art, music and literature, matured mentality, high calibre and cool tempered person. Such natal will enjoy and earn benefits from journey and will enjoy great friends and relatives.


Strong Saturn will indicate responsible, sophisticated and diplomat in behaviour, political smartness and capable of deep thinking. Natal is always interested in great philosophical literature and philosophy. If Saturn is in own, mooltrikon or exalted sign then gives benefits to siblings.

Malefic Saturn or placed in inimical sign indicates reverse of the above.


Rahu in third house indicates – Strong, courageous, brave, enjoys good fate and wealthy person and surrounded by friends. Rahu in Exalted or own sign gives favourable results. Rahu in Leo sign and placed in 3rd house indicates influential personality. Good fate, good relationship with neighbours, journeys and success in writing and publications.


Ketu in own or exalted sign indicates – happiness, wealthy lifestyle enjoys life and sharp mind. Natal will win over enemies, competitors, expert in his/her work, famous, good longevity, fateful and enjoys good food.

But weak Ketu is harmful, indicates fear and losses from friends and beautiful ladies or opposite sex. Debli Ketu indicates mental harassment etc.


  1. I have Rahu in Gemini sign in 3th house. I think this sign is exalted point for Rahu. Thank you for your sharing

  2. This is interesting to see Sun in Libra in 3rd actually give such fortunate placement. Thank for sharing this.

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