Astrology Prediction : Query by Ashutosh Sharma, Roorkee (India)

Ashutosh Sharma

Date of Birth : 23-3-1980

Place of Birth : Roorkee (India)

Time of Birth : 08:05Hrs (IST)

When will I become father?

Kalsarp Dosh in Birth Chart, Three Retro. Planets are in 5th house (House of Children) and in Rahu Ketu axis.

Reading of D-1 chart

  1. Aries Asc, Venus is placed in Asc. it’s good for the natal and Ascendant is blessed by Jupiter. Natal is in good mental state.
  2. Ascendant Lord Mars is Retro (Vakri) and is placed in 5th house, with Retro Saturn, Retro Jupiter and Rahu (Rahu-Ketu axis), Mercury is blessing Ascendant Lord.
  3. Jupiter is 9th and 12th Lord and exchanging its position with 5th Lord Sun. Indicates, that natal has to seek help from hospital or medical support.
  4. Mars (Asc. lord and 8th lord), Saturn 10th and 11th lord are in 5th house, afflicting house of Children, can delay or force natal to seek medical support for the child.
  5. Trine Lord Jupiter in Trine… good but in Rahu-Ketu axis and exchanged its position from 5th Lord (Lord of children House) either Child with Medical support or will visit to Ashrams etc.

Now Reading from D-9 chart (Navmansha)

  1. Leo Asc. afflicted by Mars. Mercury from 7th house aspect Ascendant, giving some relief.
  2. Asc. Lord Sun is placed in 2nd house afflicted by Saturn and Mars.
  3. 5th house, Saturn is placed in 5th house but blessed by Jupiter (5th Lord aspects its own house) and giving strength.
  4. 5th Lord Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn.

Now reading from D-7 chart

  1. Ascendant Cancer, No aspect.
  2. Ascendant Lord Moon is placed in 12th house, avoid depression related to child. Don’t feel any guilt.
  3. 5th Lord Mars has exchanged its position with 2nd Lord Sun (2nd house indicates Kutumb- nearest family)
  4. No aspect on 5th house or 5th lord.

Do remedies for Kalsarpdosh.

Seek Medical support or family support. Possibility of child in your house is there.

You are passing through Mahadasha of Jupiter, seek Medical support and blessings from Jupiter.

Read Vishnusahsranaam pooja for Jupiter.

Pooja for Bhairav ji or Daan for Rahu

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