Query of Ziakhot


Date of Birth : 19-3-1987

Time of Birth : 09:00Hrs

Place of Birth : Mumbai (India)

Query regarding Career

Reading of Birth Chart (D-1), my observations are:

  1. Aries Ascendant and Lord mars is placed in Asc., no aspect from any planet. Normally when Asc. lord is placed in ascendant, then it’s good for natal. Natal is capable of earning name, fame and money.
  2. Moon is in Paapkartari and afflicted by Mars, indicates sharp swings in mood and may afflict working, studies etc.
  3. 2nd Lord Venus is in 10th house which is known a good dhanyog, but is afflicted by Saturn.
  4. 10th and 11th Lord Saturn is in 8th house. Sudden changes in jobs or making money from undisclosed means or non-taxable income or may not be enjoying earned money.
  5. Your spouse will be good looking, and working lady.
  6. Since your seventh house is in Paapkartari and its lord Venus is afflicted by Saturn, hence will not be enjoying peaceful married life. But your spouse will be a good lady.
  7. You are passing through Mahadasha of Saturn (Lord of 10th and 11th house) and Anterdasha of Venus(Lord of 2nd and 7th house), certainly you will be in your profession during this period

Reading of your Dashmansha chart D-10

According to your Mahadasha and Anterdasha you may get opportunity for job in this period.

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