Different planets in Second house

Different planets in Second House

Sun : Sun in exalted sign or in own sign, indicates moral and spiritual values, growth and reliability. Sun is not afflicted then good for religious activities. Such position is not bad for finance.

Afflicted Sun indicates delay in marriage, disputes and complication in married life. Eye related issues. Sun with Venus is not auspicious in this house (Sun and Venus are enemy).

Moon :

Rich, attractive, lover, easily attracted towards opposite sex and artistic. If soft planets aspect this Moon, then natal have special talent for music.

Afflicted Moon or close to Amavsya (New Moon day) indicates Losses, poverty and no inherent property.

Mars :

Mars in exalted sign or own sign and aspect by soft planets and lordship of trine or Kendra then person will be always ready for courageous work, and success and good for inherent property.

In other conditions person will be cruel, hot tempered, family dispute, mean mentality, disease related to eyes and dental issues, accidents, loss and disputes with govt.

Mars in 2nd house gives Mangalik (Kuja) dosh.

Mercury :

Auspicious Mercury in 2nd house, and well aspect from auspicious planets – person will be rich, kind hearted, intelligent, good education, good voice and humorous nature, artistic, attractive – charming and good handwriting. Wiil become millionaire and enjoys bedroom activities.

If Mercury is afflicted, and in debli sign- then disturbance in education.

Jupiter :

Poetic nature, Judge, Higher govt. position, speaks less but sweet talks, courteous, beautiful personality and intelligent. Natal will be energetic, Kind hearted, and enjoys others love and affection. Good looking spouse. Natal will earn money from various sources.

Venus :

Natal will be poet, writer, artist, soft spoken, gentle, established rich person. Loves good food. Fond of good, colourful clothes, sharp intellect, follower of family’s background , culture and system but love to be with opposite sex.

Afflicted Venus will make person doing the jobs without any planning etc.

Saturn :

Natal will enjoy happiness in foreign lands. Such natal does not enjoy friendship, will not be soft spoken, opposed by family members, later part of life, normally lives in foreign land and enjoy success and lavish life style.

Rahu :

In spite of having lot of property, could not enjoy lavish life style. Not so good relationship with close relatives. Such natal has to work hard for success. Possibility of problems related Ear, nose and throat.

Afflicted Rahu gives possibility of losses and opponents in family will be more. Natal will earn money on foreign lands, inherent property, good for Land related business.

Ketu :

Ketu in Aries, Gemini, and Libra sign gives huge assets, property, benefits, gains, happiness, soft-spoken and success.

In other conditions gives mental aggressiveness, possibility of punishment from govt. and natal will be hard spoken.


  1. Hello dear anoop

    you know…when every i rea these interpertations…. i have these questions on my mind…

    -now if Moon in in First House :

    native will be (Rich, attractive, lover, ….etc).. ok…. can we apply this interpertation if moon ASPECTS First House???… what if first house occupide by cancer and moon place elsewhere??..

    – Will transiting planets give same effects like natal planets!!??

    i know i’m confusing myself….. but can’t complete reading a book when i have burning questions on my mind!


    • 1. If Cancer is Ascendant, and Moon in different house, then rule of Ascendant Lord in second house or third house or like that… will be applicable.
      2. Cancer in Seventh house, then conditions will differ from Moon in Ascendant or first house.
      Moon in Seventh house indicates linkage of Moon and Spouse or business partner. If Moon is in exalted sign or of Shuklapaksha (from New Moon to full moon), indicates beautiful/attractive good looking spouse, sale-purchase related transactions, Road construction work, benefit from foreigners in trading/business etc.
      Natal can travel abroad, can earn profit from share market, insurance agent, hotel industry, or business related with liquid products etc.
      But in case of debli sign, or connected with malefic planets then spouse may not be healthy or can lead a ill health life, married life or relationship may be affected etc.

  2. Hi Anoop

    I did some research on Mars in 2nd house gives Mangalik (Kuja) dosh. It really described how my ex husband was like. He was a intelligent man working in specialized field also, but insensitive and i was the person that did everything for the home and the relationship. I hope to see how you describe conjunction between Venus and Mars.

    thank you

    • It seems to be the same way, my ex husband had problems with his emotions and same as the current one. They both like routines.

      But the current boyfriend, he talks a lot with me, he loves animals, plants and art more like Venus, he will give money to the homeless and look after his neighbors chicken and he understands my point of views very well. In these areas my current boyfriend is the direct opposite to my ex. I would love to learn what are the indications of different in some of these areas.

      • I appreciate this, and when we work like this, only then, we are doing something good for astrology. Because we are trying to find out on our own.

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