Second House

Second House

(Close family-Kutumb, Money and Voice)

Generally, we see following from second house

  1. Nearest family
  2. Face
  3. Right eye
  4. Food
  5. Money-assets, equities etc.
  6. Literature related gifts etc.
  7. Power/strength voice
  8. Death

According to Uttarkalamrit, second house indicates – Nails, truth-false, tongue, diamonds, jewellery, copper, valuable gems-stones, helping nature, friends, ruling power, Prosperous life style prosperity.

While studying second house, we must consider followings:

  1. House: Planets placed in second house, aspects on second house
  2. Lord of second house: Status of second house lord, conjunction with other planets, aspects from other planets
  3. Karak (signification): Jupiter signify second house, conjunction with Jupiter, and impact of aspects from other planets
  4. Money-assets- related Dhan Yog
  5. Indu Lagna
  6. Assess again with the help Jaimini  Principle
  7. Calculation with the help of Ashtakvarg


  1. Thank you for this very useful post.

    Second house I have Mars and Venus in Virgo conjunction both trine Moon and Mars sextile Mercury lol I wonder how you use 2nd house to describe a person face, voice etc

    It is interesting that both voice and money are related!

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