Effects of Different Planets in Ascendant


Different planets in Ascendant

Sun :

When Sun is strong (Bali) and Lord of trine or centre, and placed in Ascendant, then is a great source of energy to the natal. Such Sun in first house, provides great inner strength, strong will power, desire for power and good health. If Sun in first house is on peak of exaltation point in exalted sign, and aspect or connectivity with natural soft (benefic) planets, indicates good fortune and growth in the life.

Weak Sun, indicates arrogance of natal, loves flattering, show-off, supercilious etc. Connectivity with natural malefic planets like Mars and Saturn indicates blood related issues.

Moon :

According to Phaldeepika, “Full, Vargottam Moon in ascendant, natal can become a strong ruler. Such natal is known for kindness, humanity, energetic for performing work, loves travelling, Lover, imaginative, and behaviour like a sympathetic person. In social life, believes in transparency. Moon signify-  Mood- Moon in ascendant indicates strong mental strength and prosperity. Such natal, follows principles, traveller, researcher, and good writer.

Conjunction of Moon and Saturn indicates confusions, conjunction with Mars for females indicates issues related to Monthly cycles, but such natal will be daring by nature. Combination with Rahu indicates Hysteria, and with Jupiter gives prosperity, growth and great thoughts.

Weak Moon indicates- instability, unreliable, fickle minded, movements without any objective, irritated and aimless.


Exalted Mars or in own sign placed in ascendant, daring, capable of handling responsibilities, good feeling for others and believes in truth. Such natal will enjoy fearlessness, good personality and great aura around him/her. Possibility of injury mark on face, but always ready to move ahead fearlessly.

But afflicted Mars in Ascendant indicates ill-health, accident prone, disturbed family life. Mars aspect 7th house, hence disturbed married life or problems in married life.


Mercury in exalted sign or in its own sign- natal will be intelligent, knowledge in different fields, loves sports, respectful sports person, profits in business and prompt. Jolly natured, like jokes, comic environment. Conjunction with Venus gives perfection in music and art and natal will be a learned in music and art.

But weak Mercury will indicate nervousness of natal. Conjunction with Rahu (North Node) will indicate mental disturbance, afflicted nervous system, and skin related issues.


Exalted Jupiter in first house indicates great fortune, optimistic, great energy, and ready to do something great, always hopeful for success, social, smooth working, sympathetic behaviour, and charismatic personality. Such Jupiter gives everything in heavy quantity along with great wisdom and direction. Jupiter signifies religion, spirituality, trueness and morality.

Weak Jupiter in first house indicates show off, lack of – energy, optimism, ineffective prayers, and poor willpower.


If Venus is in Exalted or in own sign-  such Venus will give beauty, charm, kind hearted, noble, artistic taste, cultured, fond of friends, nice to talk and sweet voice. This magnetic personality attract opposite sex. Great sex appeal. If, no affliction on such Venus- gives early marriage.

Weak and afflicted Venus gives reverse of above.


Exalted Saturn in first house indicates a natal intense, honest, simple by nature, thinker and great analyst. Growth in the life will be slow, steady but certain. Natal enjoys soft and great personality.

But Saturn in other signs does not give good results. Natal will have confused mentality, weak, dissatisfied, and laziness/delay is the cause for bad fortune. Tremble/flummox by nature, timid, but after mid-age will become fearless person.

If Saturn is afflicted, natal will suffer from disease related to nose and breathing. Elderly spouse, and suffer due to misdeeds, evil soul, poverty and thieves. Ugly personality and Always involved in conspiracy.

Rahu (North Node):

If Rahu is auspicious, means in exalted sign or own sign- natal enjoys good impressive personality, and win over enemies. Natal earns respect regards due to religious activities. Achievements in education and scientific activities and earn money also. Earn success with the help of others or can be team effort. Rahu in Aries, Cancer and Leo sign is considered good for health (Rahu in ascendant)

If Rahu is afflicted then axis of sexual desire, and reverse of above.

Ketu (South Node):

Ketu in Ascendant is not considered good. Weak and not so good personality, instability, uselessly travelling and unbalanced married life.


  1. Ok, bhargavanoop ji,
    and I have uploaded a chart of forum, and also posted the link by quoting ur comment.
    Please have a look at that chart.

    Thanks Anoop ji

  2. Hi: Thanks anoop ji for writing such useful articles.
    I want to as you that if rahu is in 1st house in capricorn than still it is good placement to win over enemies? as ketu in 7th is the reason for winning over enemies?

    • Hi,
      Ketu is in seventh house, so will give impact of seventh house, and will be different, Traveling, possibility of loosing money, theft etc, a cunning person, expectation from spouse may be more or high and may not treat properly with spouse etc.
      But Ketu of Scorpio, may give better results.
      Importantly, conjunction, aspects or other factor will give indication of intensity of promise.

      • First of all, I will suggest you to rotate or use Nakshtra in D-1 chart, and regarding D-9 chart see in a normal way. No Yog will be worked out in Divisional charts, we prefer to see concern areas with the divisional charts. Asc., and concern house and lord, aspect, sign in which they are placed, plus we also see karkansha lagna (Means placement of AK of jamini), there are other aspects also, but all can not be explained like this.

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