Tina, jabalpur


Date of birth : 13-5-1976

Time of birth : 10:54 Hrs (IST)

Place of birth : Jabalpur (MP-India)

Query : When will I get married and will it be a happy marriage?

Promise of Marriage

  1. A.      Birth chart
  2. Cancer Ascendant, watery sign, Mars and Saturn placed in ascendant. No aspect from any planet (soft/malefic). Not confidant in nature. Due to watery sign. Conjunction of Mars and Saturn gives disturbance to the natal. Because of that irritation.
  3. Asc. Lord is in 4th house (mother, happiness, home) but in Rahu-Ketu axis. Better to say you were born on Lunar eclipse, and your all the planets are in Rahu-Ketu axis. This axis is known as Kal-sarp yog.
  4. Afflicted Jupiter and Venus are giving blessings to ascendant lord Moon, so, little bit of negativity is minimized and gave you nice mother
  5. Saturn is winner of planetary war with Mars. (Good that house Lord of spouse is not defeated in planetary war)
  6. Mars and Saturn are giving malefic effect to 7th house (house of spouse) but Saturn is Lord of 7th house, so cannot harm or damage it, indicates delayed this marriage.
  7. B.      Navmansha chart (D-9)
  8. Scorpio asc., and its Lord is placed with Saturn in 10th house. No aspect. But asc. lord Mars aspects ascendant.
  9. 7th House lord Venus is placed in 11th house, with Jupiter and in Rahu-Ketu axis.
  10. 7th house (house of spouse) is blessed by Jupiter. Good for marriage and its married life (in spite of hiccups will balance it)

Indications- chance of marriage is there.

Now question is when: Still there is possibility for delay. (you can try in current period till Mar 2013). I shall not recommend marriage in the period of Mar 2013 to 2014.


  1. Do pooja for rahu and Ketu.
  2. Brihaspati (Jupiter) is blessing, so do regular pooja for Brihaspati on Thursedays.
  3. Be cheerful always.

You must have seen no of marriages are not successful, or broken even at the early age. I think, your position is better than those girls. Be cheerful. I hope your future will be better than those ladies who are divorced or passing through spoilt married life.

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