First House (Ascendant)

First House (Lagna)- Tanu Bhav of the Horoscope

First of all we shall discuss 1st house (Ascendant-Lagna) and its Lord (Lagnesh), this house is known as Tanu Bhav. This house will indicate following important issues-

  1. Body, its physique, colour, texture etc.
  2. Personality
  3. Indications related to Prosperity
  4. Childhood, initial stage of life
  5. Health and character

Uttarkalamrit explains 33 points of 1st house, important points among these 33 are – Parts of the body, Hairs, Happiness, Fame, Health

Whereas, according to Jatak Parijat, first house significant of Body, colour, personality, qualities, happiness, stay in foreign land, aura, strength etc. Strength of rising sign and its purity and strength will indicate Longevity, happiness and will be liked by ruler.

According to great Jyotish guru Shri K N Rao, Lagna (Ascendant), Sun and Moon are the three pillars of a Horoscope. If all the tree points are strong, then horoscope of the natal will be very strong. This Natal will earn name-fame etc. in his/her life. This type of natal will earn a special place in the society and can earn a special place in the world.

Phaldeepika is also giving importance to the strength of Ascendant, Sun and Moon.


  1. Thank you very much for such useful education of Vedic astrology. Would you please have educational post for each ascendant and its lord in the future. It will be very interesting. All the best for your website.

    • 1st of all we will see what happens when Ascendant Lord placed in 3rd house-

      Its a good combination for artistic capabilities, normally natal is known for his/her capabilities related to music, artistic nature, as mathematician, linked with media, publications. Asc. Lord in 3rd house provides courage to natal, a different aura will be seen on natal. is supposed to enjoy all type of virtues, intelligent etc.and supposed to be a happy person.

      But if Ascendant lord is afflicted, or in Debli sign as Sun in Libra (unless neech bhang yog is there), can give adverse impact.

    • In future, Asc. Lord in each house and its impact, then 2nd house and so on. I think step by step will be better. Any query related to this will be replied accordingly.

      • Thank you, I think Sun in Libra made this combination a bit odd. I still enjoy music and art, I can accept a very large range of various arts and musics, but not as an artist myself. I still consider myself enjoy some intelligent but just very average academic wise, instead of being smart, I consider myself as wise for the long term, it could because of exalted Saturn. I do like sciences and even that people have bad nature I can still find a way to understand and look after that person even when he curses and hits me. It a bit hard for me to judge, while Mercury also in 3rd house. I will follow the post to get some insights from you. Thank you again.

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