Query by K. Yashvanth, from Vijaywada (India)

Name : K. Yashwanth
Date of Birth : 30-1-1992
Time of Birth : 01:35 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Vijaywada (India)
Query : Is there any problems in my educational life? I dream of getting in to one of the top universities for MS in US, can that be possible?

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. According to your birth chart (D-1) Scorpio ascendant, and Lord Mars is placed in the house of finance. High dreams, and mind in achieving good wealthy status.
2. 12th House lord Mars Venus is placed with ascendant lord (12th house is for foreign lands, expenses etc.) That means your mind is in foreign lands.
3. Education house lord Jupiter is blessing both the planets.
That means, if you will give your proper efforts then you can do according to your choice.
According to Navmansha chart, education house lord is placed in fourth house, good position for higher education.
According to D-24 chart
1. ascendant lord Mercury is placed with Jupiter, in auspicious position. That indicates that you are capable of using your Intelligence and Knowledge.
2. Foreign land house lord Sun of this chart is placed with the lord of education and competitiveness house. Both planets aspects education house. So, possibility of higher education in foreign land is possible.
3. The only issue is sun and Saturn are enemy, so if you will not give your proper efforts or avail this advantage then you may miss.
Suggestion – Promise is there, but you have to give your proper efforts, avoid confusions, and fix a goal with strong efforts.

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