Query by Madhusudan WK, from Kolar (India)

Name : Madhusudan WK
Date of Birth : 24-4-1974
Time of Birth : 08:02 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Kolar (India)
Query : Guruji, Do I have Gandanta in my horoscope? If,so What is the remedy?

Madhusudan WK,
1. Your ascendant is Taurus sign at 10 degree 53 mins. and Moon is also in Taurus at 1 degree and 3mins.
2. No you do not have Gandant, Rather your Moon is transiting in exalted sign. Although is not auspicious.
3. Your Ascendant and Moon both are in Paapkartari.
4. Moon is in Ketu Rahu axis.
That’s the reason you must be feeling disturbed or not comfortable.

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