Share Market and India – November 15th, 2012

Share Market and India – November 15th, 2012


  1. Ascendant lord Venus is transiting from debilitated sign further may behave like a neech person. This may influence public, politicians, educational institutions and language of politicians. Because its lord Mercury is transiting retrograde and in Rahu-Ketu axis.
  2. Moon Lord of Neighbouring nations, media, entertainment, travel, sports and IT industry is in Rahu-Ketu axis, initially in the Nakshtra of Saturn and then Mercury. Some verbal exchanges can be seen on field (Cricket- India/England test match).
  3. Sun lord of (India’s horoscope) Agriculture, land, Minerals, Mines Hotel etc. is very close to Rahu. This can further raise some issues related to farmers.
  4. Foreign related trade issues or issues related to insurance, Provident Fund will be important.

Share Market

Planetary positions are changing.

  1. Sun is in the close degrees of Rahu and will enter in Rahu- Ketu axis, so this position is not comfortable for Land, Infrastructure, Power, Fertilizer, and Mines etc.
  2. Aviation, transport, Media, IT are also not in comfortable position. Bank and share market lord Mercury will be in closes degrees with Rahu by tomorrow, so this may affect share market and Bankex in the coming period. At the time of closing take care.
  3. Nifty and Sensex may also affected in the later part of the day or at closing. Be watchful.
  4. Crude oil or oil industry may be affected due to foreign related activities.


  1. Sensex and Nifty were down, Banks (nationalized) were also down, IT (TCS, Infosys etc.), Spicejet was low. Infrastructure was also in down side. Tomorrow also market may be adversely affected.
    Indian Rupee is further losing its value.

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