Query by Tashmin, Karachi (Pakistan)

Name : Tashmin
Date of Question : 12-11-2012
Time of Question : 00:44 Hrs (LST)
Place of question : Karachi (Pakistan)
Question : Please tell me if there is anything waiting for me from marriage/affair department ?anything lucky for me ?

At the time you have raised this question, my observations are as follows:
1. Leo ascendant and lord Sun is transiting with spouse house Lord Saturn of this chart.
2. Sun is transiting from the Nakshtra of Jupiter. Lord of house of Love is Jupiter.

Very good situation, I think, every thing is positive. Enjoy if you want marriage or love affair … just show your courage.


  1. Thank you
    is marriage possible during this time?will it be a good one if I opt for marriage?
    thank you again.

    • Tashmin,
      Again good combination of ascendant lord and spouse house lord. So, you can do it, along with Jupiter is giving blessings, so can be for good period. Now if you have any confusions, then choice is yours.
      But the time you have raised this question, is giving as above mentioned indications.

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