Astrology Prediction : Query for Priyank, Noida (India)

Nakshtra at the time of Birth : Magha

Date of Accident : 9-11-2012

Time of Accident : Around 03:00 Hrs (IST)

Place of Accident : Delhi (India)

Question : What will be status?


At the time of accident and this question, Moon is transiting Magha Nakshtra, I do not have birth time or date except his birth chart, I have to use (apply) Kotchakra to see status of health and other aspects related to health.

Mars is changing it’s position at 09.6 Hrs (IST) and will Move from Jyeshtha Nakshtra to Mool Nakshtra. All Malefic planets are transiting either in outer area of Kot and Rahu is in Vishakha Nakshtra (Rx), Ketu is reversing from Durg, so again comfortable position, Saturn is in Outer part of Kot. Only Mars will enter in Durg Area, and will enter in stambh after 17-12-2012, take care after 17-12-2012. I think its a (current time) position for improvement at the time.

According to Kot chaktra, no planet is has entered in Stambh area. Mars will enter in Durg after 09:36 Hrs (IST) on 9-11-2012. (eight house of birth chart).

This situation can give surgery.

But situation is under control. Don’t worry.

According to your birthchart

Taurus ascendant, transit of Mars is from seventh house to eighth house, aspect from transiting Saturn. Possibility of surgery is confirmed.

I think, at the moment just follow doctors advise.

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