Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – November 7th, 2012

Share Market and India – November 7th, 2012

India is passing through Mahadasha of Sun, Anterdasha of Saturn, Pratyanter dasha is Ketu (South Node) and Sukshmadasha is Venus

Mercury is  retrograde transit, and that is clearly visible on share market and other activities. Rahu (NN) and Ketu (SN) are transiting direct, Mercury is transiting retrograde.


  1. Ascendant lord Venus is in debilitated sign and is transiting in the house of Public, Opposition party, Sports institution and share market house. Behaviour of Opposition leaders or parties may not be appreciated by public or may hurt feelings of public.
  2. Sun Lord of Mahadasha and house lord of Parliament, Party in Power, MP’s etc, along with

Land, Hotel, Infrastructure, Minerals and Vehicles are placed with Saturn (lord of Judiciary House). More issues related to some scandal of related issues may come to lime light or Judiciary may play some role.

  1. Mercury is retrograde, this indicates – Vocal war or some foul words can be used by some prominent personalities.
  2. Change of weather is close.

Share Market

  1. Change in market trend is expected. On 6-11-2012, market has shown positive trend, I think market will be negative.
  2. Rupee value may further be under pressure.
  3. Be watchful, planetary positions are changing their transit trends. But upcoming solar eclipse indicates positivity in this market.
  4. Mars and Rahu indicates affect of foreign market or conditions (Positive but may be for 2-3 days)
  5. Sun has come out of Saturn’s range, so can give some benefits in shares related to Infrastructure, Hotel and Land/Building etc.

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