Query by Sri, from Chennai (India)

Name : Sri
Date of Birth : 28-10-1964
Time of Birth : 16:10 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Chennai
Query : Will there be a second marriage
Your ascendant is Pisces and its lord Jupiter is retrograde and a fallen planet in the house of nucleus family.
1. Ascendant lord is afflicted by Saturn, and Sun, Ascendant is afflicted by Mars.
2. Spouse house lord has exchanged it’s position with the lord of miseries.
3. Spouse house is in paap kartari and spouse house is occupied by Venus placed in debilitated sign.
This position indicates – no longer or comfortable married life or some interruptions.
Now your query is for second marriage, my opinion is trik house lord Venus is in debilitated sign, indicating rajyog under adverse condition related to spouse or partnership. But exchange with miseries and paapkartari is creating issues or problem.
I think possibility is there, but success or longevity of this or broken or some interruptions may come. (Not so strong but possibility is there).

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