Astrology Prediction : Query by Vivek, Perth (Australia)

Date of Question: 25-9-2012

Time of Question: 20:50 Hrs (Time according to Perth WA)
Name :Vivek
Place of Questions: Perth, Western Australia
Question: Will i have love marriage or arrange marriage? is this by this year?

1. There is link between Ascendant Lord Jupiter and friendship Lord Mercury.
2. Friendship Lord or spouse lord Mercury is in its own house, with Sun. Mercury was withing the shadow of Sun and has come out today only.
3. I think, a friendship or relationship is possible. You can marry with the permission of your parents or in a traditional way. Spouse house lord is in the Nakshtra of fifth house (house of love) lord Moon emotions.

I think, you can marry to some known person with traditions (with the blessings of elders)
Now question is with this year – I am considering it for a period of whole one year till 25-9-2013. Answer is yes.


  1. Name : Kubendhar
    Date of birth : 25-5-1973
    Time of birth : 16:36Hrs (IST)
    Place of birth : Srinagar ( Jammu Kashmir )
    Query : When will I get married and will it be a happy marriage?

    • Kubendhar
      According to Jaimini astrology my observations are
      1. Darakarak, Atmakarak, Amatyakarak and Putrakarak are placed in Taurus sign.
      2. Mahadasha of Taurus and Arises will start from 25-5-2013.
      3. Its a Anterdasha of Marriage house (spouse/relationship etc.) and Mahadasha of DK, AK, AmK and PK (all creating yog)
      4. One year from 25-5-2013 to 25-5-2014 for spouse/marriage or relationship.

      Regarding married life – Spouse house lord Mars is afflicted by Saturn, so impacts will be there.

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