Query By Pranoy Chakraborty, Calcutta (India)

Name: Pranoy Chakraborty
Date of Birth: 4.01.1995
Time of Birth : 13:02 Hrs (IST)
Birthplace: Kolkata
Question: I would like to know in which fields of study and career I can do well and whether I can get a good job in future. I am currently in my 12th standard.

1. Aries ascendant, and lord (Mars) is in fifth house.
2. This Mars is afflicted by Saturn. Mars signify Restaurant, Stove, oven, fireplace etc.
3. Fifth house is for education house.
4. Fifth house Lord is Sun placed in the house of fate (9th house). Good for future and will give you recognition etc.
5. House of Profession is occupied by Moon and Mercury
Mercury in your birth chart is lord of third house – Moon is lord of fourth house.
Now Mercury indicates – Intelligence, writing skills, and being lord of third house also links with Publications, Media, your hobby etc. Accounts, Trading Marketing and travel.
Moon indicates your imagination, creativity.
You are reading English, Pol. Science, Economics  & History
Now My suggestion is if you can work for Media – Print Media, Journalism
Or you can opt for MBA
You can open your Restaurant also – But I will not recommend that, because you have different skills. As on date you know grammar is your weakness, so you can improve.
Profession house lord is Saturn, placed in the house of gains. You must go for Political Journalism (This is my analysis)
Regarding your future.. you will get good results.

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