Daily Forecast – Share Market and India – September 30th, 2012

Share Market and India – September 30th, 2012 October 1st, I will prefer to be safe, although, market may show some positive direction, but profit booking is expected. I will not prefer to carry October 1st positions to October 3rd. Bank and Share Market house lord will move with Saturn in sixth house (India-Horoscope), so, I do not expect positive sign for Banks and share market. Market trend can betray. I expect not a good period on 3rd of October 2012. Regarding India, Jupiter and Mars are in 1/7 axis. Mars is with Rahu. Ketu is with Jupiter. Indicates some craziness for religious activities and due to Rahu some disturbance (Period is till October 9th, 2012) – Worldwide this situation will be according to countries house-wise placement of Jupiter and Mars. Globally period of unrest. On September 30th, weather disturbance, nature disturbance or calamities is expected within next 72 Hrs. This is for worldwide situation.

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