Query By PP, 72E50 18N58

Name : PP (Female)

Date of Birth : 21-11-1985

Time of Birth : 15:20 Hrs (IST)

Place of Birth : 72E50    18N58
According to your Rasi Chart (D-1 chart)
1. Your 5th Lord Moon is in 12th house (5th Lord is the Lord of Santan -children)
2. Asc. Lord and 10th Lord Jupiter aspect 5th house (Very good)

D-9 chart
1. Venus is placed in 5th house and 5th lord of D-9 chart Mars is in 8th house.
2. Asc. Lord Jupiter aspects its own house, with Moon (good)

D-7 chart
1. Asc. Lord Saturn is in 6th house, and Ketu is placed in Asc.
2.5th Lord Venus is placed in 2nd house (House of Kutumb- your own family). (Good)
3. Jupiter aspects 5th house of Saptansha chart. (Good)

Currently you are passing through MD of Merc/Merc/Saturn
To be frank I am surprised why not you have conceived up to 11.5.2012
But again period is on according to your chart.
Area of concern, you can contact Dr. because in D-1 chart 5th Lord is in 12th house, in D-9 chart, 5th Lord in 8th house
D-7 chart, 5th Lord is in 6th house.
Jupiter is good for you, you can use Yellow sapphire or its substitute or do some Puja for Jupiter.
Confirmation will come from your husband’s chart.

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