Astrology Prediction : Query By Faiza Ifthikhar, Karachi (Pakistan)

Faiza Iftikhar
Time of Question : 22:12 (Hrs – Pakistan)
Date of Question : 19-9-2012
Place of Question : Karachi (Pakistan)
Characteristics of spouse, and expected time of marriage.

Faiza, according to this chart my observations are as below:
1. Ascendant lord Saturn is placed in third house and its sign lord Moon is in sixth house with spouse house lord Mars.
2. Spouse house lord Mars is in sixth house, with Moon and Saturn, Delay in marriage.
3. Moon and Venus (Mood and Ascendant Lord) have exchanged their sign. Perfect bonding – your courage/ of your choice.
4. Since sixth house is involved hence disputes.
5. Rahu is in spouse house – Possibility of liking towards different cast – non-traditional. Spouse house lord is Mars… indicate aggressive personality.

Delay and disputes are there. What about your cousin? (Please give me feed back)


    • Wait for some time. I can suggest you this much. But keep options open. He is not the end of life, rather beginning of life. Move ahead. You will get some good one.

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