Query By Rahul, Talodhi (India)

Name : Rahul
Date of Birth : 29-05-1985
Time of Birth : 03:30 Hrs. (IST)
Place of Birth : Talodhi Maharashtra (India)
Query : an astrologer told me that i have pitrudosh & kalsarp dosh .does this dosh effect in career/personal/study.Have tried lots of job but does not last more then 6 month.have a degree but still unable to secure a good position.please guide me a career path to follow (job/self employed) .

1. Aries ascendant, Lord Mars is placed in 2nd house, mind is towards money. You will earn money. But, don’t be jealous. Your time will give you. Don’t worry. Mars is your Amatyakarak (Amatya – Minister)
2. Your profession house lord Saturn is 0degree and 14 mins and retro. (Vakri) – on the curve.  Placed in 8th house. Over and above, you are passing through Mahadasha of Rahu (North Node) and Anterdasha of Saturn.
Since, profession lord is weak and placed in 8th house aspect dhan bhav. You are facing this quick change in job. Or instability in profession.
There is no Kalsarp Dosh and no Pitradosh. Enjoy.
What you must do is to please Saturn.
May god bless you.

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