Share Market and India – September 21st, 2012

  1. Major planets indicate towards 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th house. But linkage is from 8th, 11th 9th and 10th house.
  2. Now planets gives major impacts – Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Moon
  3. Sun indications towards Head of organization (difficult to say) may be in trouble. Complications may be for head of the country too. Shortly change in Ministry on the cards, because Mars and Saturn are in jointly placed in 6th house, hence possibility.
  4. Shortly, Supreme Court may give some important verdict.
  5. 4th house lord Sun is in fifth house – Indicates defamation of democratic government of the nation and opposition has got the chance to act. Issues related to mining and minerals, with international trade and agreements, along with Government policies.
  6. Share Market – Due to Government policies and Mercury in fifth house (lord of second house too) may go up. Banks may enjoy a good day.
  7. Possibility of unrest in neighbouring nation, because third house lord is with Rahu in seventh house. This may give whole day work to Media.

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  1. According to the predictions
    1. Sensex has closed at 2.20% up, and Nifty at 2.46% up. Share Market and Banks have done very well.
    2. Supreme court has instructed for CBI inquiry (21-9-2012) for the purchase of Aircraft.

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