Astrology Prediction : Query from PremKumar (Currently at Toranto, canada)

Name : Prem Kumar

Date of Birth : 10-6-1966

Time of Birth : 05:11 (Hrs) IST

Place of Birth : Palakkad Kerala

Query : Related to finance and wealth.

Prem Kumarji,
1. Taurus Ascendant and ascendant lord Venus is placed in 12th house (that’s why you are in foreign land and expenditure wise on the higher side.)
2. You are in the Mahadasha of Mercury, Lord of 5th house and 2nd house.
3. Mercury Lord of 5th house (trine and progeny placed in its own house 2nd house). With auspicious planet Jupiter (Although is lord of 11th and 12th house)
4. Great dhan yog. Cetainly this Mahadasha will give you good opportunity for new profile, and sudden gains too (time to time)
5. Mercury Mahadasha has just started, so you may feel bit low, but as this dasha will move on, you will be enjoying this period.
You can wear emerald stone.

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