Different Planets in Sixth House

Various Planets in Sixth House


Sun in this house is normally indicates – Famous person, successful in the work done in partnerships or natal can be successful politician too. According to few scholars, placement of Sun in sixth house will protect natal from any defeat, agony, ill health and from loans etc.

But afflicted Sun in sixth house can give disease related to eyes, heart, asthma and bones etc. This position can give chronicle disease related to throat etc.

According to western astrology- Sun in sixth house is not considered as an auspicious position. Because Sun indicates self/soul and sixth house is for enemy- hence is not considered as a good position.


If Moon is in Shuklapaksha position or in its own sign or exalted, then Moon will protect from all the related disease of Moon and ill effects of Sixth house. Such natal enjoys life.

But if Moon is weak, then indigestion, short longevity, mental and physical illness, lethargic and indicates Balarisht yog.

Moon is afflicted in this house, then natal will not be benefitted from Maternal Uncle.


Normally, Mars in this position is good for natal. Mars indicates capable administrator/ politician, capable of defeating opponents and also gives victories in legal disputes.

Afflicted Mars indicates ulcers, sore, weakness in chest and muscles, smallpox or chickenpox, accidents and issues related with servants or employee.


Strong and nicely placed Mercury gives sharp mind and fame. But always ready to fight. Such natal enjoys Daiviya knowledge.

Afflicted Mercury indicates – Mentally retarded, mental disturbance, skin disease or disease related to digestion. Afflicted Mercury also indicates disturbance in education and genital disease.


Jupiter in sixth house is very auspicious for earning for life or profession. Jupiter aspects and blessing tenth house from this position. Such natal is a wealthy person and capable of controlling his/her enemies/opponents. Natal is always ready to extend support/help to poor and weaker sections. Natal is attached to music and dance.

Afflicted and weak Jupiter aggravates – Diabetes, disease related to Liver, blood. Issues related to wealth and progeny is indicated.


Venus in this position indicates – many strong enemies/opponents. Normally, natal is very expensive hence suffers with issues related to Loan and poverty along with mental agony. Not a good position for business. In certain cases, Venus harms because Natal chants Mantra with wrong pronunciation.

Afflicted Venus spoils quality of married life.

Exalted Venus or placed in own sign indicates success (in extreme) in case of exalted Venus – natal enjoys throughout life.


Saturn in sixth house indicates – courageous nature of natal. Natal is not afraid of ruler, employer, thieves or notorious persons. Natal is a good soldier. Natal is capable of performing extremely well and known as a good finisher of work.

Afflicted Saturn indicates – disease and especially with right eye. Natal may have irritating nature and ready to fight without any reason.

Rahu (North Node):

Rahu in sixth house indicates – a very strong position and is capable of defeating/finishing of all enemies. Natal is incomparable – natal is intelligent, strong, powerful, can set example of his/her working, attractive personality, knowledgeable, dignified personality and normally known as a ruler. Natal travels abroad also.

It’s a very good position for progeny, fortune and capable of providing happiness in all the senses. Exalted Rahu indicates – natal leads a trouble free life, and natal will be a strong and courageous person. If Rahu is placed with auspicious planets then gives benefits from government/employer, protection from diseases, wealth, and tolerance will be good with wealth, longevity and happiness in the family.

Afflicted Rahu can give disease related to rectal etc. and dental & lips related issues.

Ketu (South Node):

Best position for Ketu, it indicates – great fame, normally no disease, successful in any sort of discussion, very dear to relatives and friends, kind hearted, expert in working and earning good rewards for work.

Normally, Ketu in this position indicates – honored by higher authorities. Natal is capable of earning great knowledge.

Natal must be careful with insects, cancerous disease and treacherous employees etc.

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