Astrology Prediction : Query Related to Sonia (Karachi)

Date of Birth : 1-8-1983

Time of Birth : 12:45 PM (PST)

Place of Birth : Rawalpindi (Pakistan)

Query : Related to Marriage

According to your Birth chart (D-1), reading is:
1. Your Asc. Lord Venus is with your 12th Lord Merc. Indicates desire for foreign Land, But no aspect. Merc. is your 9th lord too. Means you may go abroad.
2. Your 7 th Lord mars is in trine 9th house, placed with Rahu, non-conventional thoughts related to Marriage. No Benific aspect. Chance of non-traditional Marriage like court Marriage etc.
3. Sat Aspect 7th house and in direct aspect exchange of moon. Can delay in marriage.
4. Moon is in 7th house indicates, marriage in Moon’s Mahadasha, May be after Jan. 2014 to Aug2014

Now according to D-9 chart
1. Asc. Lord Jupiter is in the House of Spouse (7th), and aspects Asc. and its Lord (7th house Lord-spouse Lord), good sign for the approval of elders, or family members.
2. 7th Lord Merc. is with Moon, hence marriage will be in the Mahadasha of Moon. Jupiter/Mars/Merc will plays its role in dasha.

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