Astrology Prediction : Query from Neeti, New Delhi (India)

Name : Neeti

Date of Birth : 10-11-1980

Time of Birth : 00:45 Hrs (IST)

Place of Birth : New Delhi

Query : 1. Marriage           2. Service

According to your Birth chart, my observations are:
1. Leo ascendant, aggressive and quick decision maker. Lord is placed in 3rd house with dhan and labhbhav lord (2nd and 11th house lord – finance and gains lord).
2. Exchange of 2nd and 3rd house lord. Its good, you will have money, wealth of your own earn, you will invest your money in your hobbies, you can make money out of it (may be related to IT, internet or media related).
3. Marriage house Lord Saturn is placed with 5th house lord Jupiter, and Venus.
Marriage of your choice and will be traditional.
4. You are passing through Mahadasha of Venus and Mars (Anterdasha).
Venus is a unconditional significator of Marriage, so this Mahadasha is capable of giving you marriage.
But more suitable will be Venus – Rahu Mahadasha and anterdasha. (which will start after Mid of Oct. 2013 onward)
You are Mangali, so I will not recommend this period for marriage.
But is a period for service. Jan. 2013 onwards, you may get some better opportunity.


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