Vedic Astrology Article : Marriage – Role of Birth, Navmansha, and Trimshamsha Chart

Marriage and role of Birth chart with Navmansha and Trimshamsha charts

Marriage is an important event of life. One of the Sixteen (Solah) Sanskar of human life. Important planets for marriage are Jupiter for female and Venus for Male. We know them as Natural Karakas of Marriage for male (Venus) and female (Jupiter).

If good aspects and connectivity of karkas and marriage house in birth chart is seen, this indicates decent marriage life, and decent marriage, but we cannot ignore the Birth chart of natal.

Seventh house is known for the house of marriage and lord of this house is known as lord of the house. Placement of planets and connectivity of the house, placement of lord of house of marriage and its connectivity is also very important.

Malefic connection(s) of the house and lord gives negative impact on marriage, quality of marriage etc.

For marriage one must see the Aspect, conjunction, placement and connectivity of important planets. Auspicious or inauspicious connections.

It is always better to check with Navmamsha chart and then Trimshamsha chart for marriage.

Navmamsha chart is divisional chart which is considered as an important chart for marriage. This chart is known as supplement chart for Birth chart.

Navmansha and Trimshamsha charts (respectively) helps to see quality of marriage. If auspicious connections are with the signifier of marriage in Navmansha, then will be auspicious for the quality of marriage will further improve.

Auspicious connections of two or more planets with seventh house, gives much good quality to the marriage. This we can seen from Birth chart and Namansha chart also.

Similarly, quality of marriage from Birth chart and Trimshamsha can be seen. If Ascendant of Trimshamsha if Saturn, Mars or Sun or have connectivity from same planets, then issues or difficulties in marriage Possible in coming period. If same planets have connectivity with the Ascendant or Birth chart, then troubles in married life further increases. If Birth chart ascendant – Sun or Moon have, then troubles in marriage will/may increase multiple times.

Importantly auspicious connections in same conditions improves quality of marriage, also can improve multiple times quality of marriage.

It is Navmasha chart, which confirms quality of marriage, depending on auspicious connections or better to say connections with planets (various).

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