Vedic Astrology : Annual Observation (Varshfal) for the Period August 15th, 2022 to Aug. 14, 2023

76th year of India (Annual Observation) – Varshfal for the period August 15th, 2022 – ‘23

India got the freedom On the midnight of 14/15 August 1947, and nation has already completed 75 years. Now we have entered in the 76th year of Independence and Muntha of the annual chart of thisIndependence Day is Leo, Lord of muntha, moves in the ascendant (Lagna) of annual chart. Indications for the chances of good for finances, Kutumb (states), and at the same time connectivity with Judiciary, disturbance lord, ascendant lord, work (karma), political/ministers and many related segments are wonderful.

Point of concern will be political tod-phod (changes in political alliances), issues related to espionage or terrorist activities or disturbing elements by way of neighbouring nations or foreign module/espionage etc. may be seen.

Sudden illness may increase at any time during the period of April 2023 to June 2023. But promise from this annual chart may give such activities in different period also, when sub period of Saturn will be active.

We need to be careful from the bordering areas. Activities form neighbouring areas may be disturbing at times. I agree that we shall be able to overcome from such situation but will consume our energy or disturb focus. So, we need to be watchful.

This year, we may be earning finances from space related activities, IT, banking, foreign exports, defence materials, metals – related segments.

Ketu is indicating that time has come when India may be indicating that self-dependency on movements of automobile fuel or alternate energy. I do not mean to say that we shall be self-sufficient immediately, but it may be a concrete step and direction/ willingness etc. towards alternate energy. We may be remembering in future for the period running. As we can remember revolution in communication Industry during 1986 or so.

Now areas where we must be watchful.

It will be better to honour the sentiments of each religion, as an Indian we are honouring. But it will be better if we can improve in a better way. I hope government of India and various states of India will be handling the situation nicely. Because Muntha is forming relationship with disturbances and religion etc. I agree that lord of ascendant – means leader of the nation will be handling the situation decently.

Inflation and issues related to employment will be areas for the concern. I know that Karma of the government and various state governments will be in the same direction.

We are heading towards proper the balancing of earnings and expenditure etc. I know that government has many learned and experts in the field and may look after the same, but at times political commitments may be cause of concerns (according to the birth chart – Mahadasha Moon, anterdasha of Ketu – coming after December 2022). Because of such concerns – Judiciary/election commission may (possibly) enter in the concerned area.

Overall health of the nation – means wealth and progress wise is decent, education and search of alternate energy, space, web, Karma by the government will be important for the year. Because such karma lord is in the house achievements and influencing the area of public and the lord of common man.

Rahu is confirming that this year will be focused but stressful for the workforce of the government.

Political leader of the nation may have health concern or threat from the terrorist activities – point of concern.

Time has come when government may have to plan for further stepping ahead in healthcare infrastructure (in rural areas also). May be due to some or other reasons. I am sure that within 2 years we shall be having much better healthcare infrastructure (comparative to now) in interior areas also.

Overall period is for success, achievements in new areas like alternate energy, defence related, capitalizing strength of wastes not only in India but from other areas also. Planets may help us to do so.

Garv Se Kaho hum Indian hai


  1. great post Anoop Ji and very encouraging else few videos its mentioned that we are heading towards global recession

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